Q1 . Packaging Used For Bread Is ?





ANSWER – B} Bread: The Packaging For Bread Should Be Such That It Should Be Wrapped In Slice Form In LDPE Coated Poster Paper Or Clean Waxed Paper, Grease –Proof Paper Or Any Other Suitable Non-Toxic Wrapper.

  • The Packaging Of The Laof Either Takes Place In The Sliced Form Or As It Is .

Q2. Milk And Milk Product Order Was Established In ?

A} 1955

B} 1968

C} 1980

D} 1992

ANSWER – D} 1992

Milk And Milk Product Order, 1992 Administrated  Under The Ministry Of Agriculture Was Promulgated On 9th June 1992, Under The Provision Of Essential Commodities Act, 1955 With A View To Maintain An Increased Supply Of Liquid Milk Of Desired Quality To The General Public.

  • This Order Regulates The Production, Supply And Distribution Of Milk And Milk Products Throughout The Country.

Q3. Frequency Range For Microwave Radiation ?

A} 0.1 To 1GHz

B} 0.2 To 2GHz

C} 0.3 To 3GHz

D} 0.4 To 4Ghz

ANSWER – 0.3 To 3GHz

•The Term  ‘ Microwaves ’  Applies To Electromagnetic Radiation In The Wavelength Range Of 0.1 To 1m In Air, Corresponding To A Frequency Range Of 0.3 To 3GHz.

Q4. Bacteria Belongs To Which Kingdom?

A} Protista

B}  Plantae

C} Monera

D} Animalia

ANSWER – Monera

Bacteria Belong To The Prokaryotic Kingdom Monera. Bacteria Are Unicellular And Are Simplest In Their Structure. Bacteria Are The Smallest Living Microbes Ranging In Size From 0.1 To 10 Microns.

Q5. Carbohydrate Content Cereals ?

A} 40%

B} 60%


D} 95%

ANSWER – C} 80%

  • Carbohydrates: 80% Of The Dry Matter Of Cereals Is Carbohydrate. The Two Carbohydrates Present In Cereals Are Crude Fiber And Soluble Carbohydrate. The Fiber Constituents Are Cellulose, Hemicellulose, And Pentosans. Of The Soluble Carbohydrate, Starch Is The Most Important Carbohydrate In All Types Of Cereals. Small Quantities Of Dextrin And Sugars Are Also Present.
  • Free Sugars Present In Cereals Includes Simple Sugars Such As Glucose And Disaccharides Like Sucrose And Maltose. Among All The Cereals Whole Wheat, Ragi And Bajra Are The Richest Sources Of Fiber.

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