Q1. Flavr Savr Is Associated With?

A} Tomato

B} Mango

C} Strawberry

D} Snow Peas

ANSWER -A} Tomato

  • Tomatoes Come Under The Foods Which Has The Shortest Shelf Life. Due To This Problem, They Are Harvested In The Early Stages So That They Can Be Transported As A Fresh Product.
  • Flavr Savr Was The Name Given To The First Genetically Modified Tomato. Flavr Savr Was The First Food That Was Developed By Using Genetic Engineering With That It Was Given A Green Signal For Use By Humans.

Q2. ‘Penelling’ In Large Sized Cans Is Due To?

A} Leakage In Cans

B} Hydrogen Swell

C} High Vacuum

D} Carbon Dioxide Swells

ANSWER – C} High Vacuum

Penelling Is A Common Defect That Can Be Seen In The Cans That Do Have A Large Size, It’s Basically The Dent Or The Breakage Of The Large Size Can. So, As This Defect Is Seen Only In The Big Cans/Containers So It Can Be Easily Identified By A Single Look.

Q3. The Pink Or The Red Liquid Which Is Coming Out That You Can See In Meat During The Thawing Process Is Called?

A} Leakage

B} Seepage

C} Drip

D} Metacryotic

ANSWER – C} Drip

In Simple Words, We Can Clearly Say That The Red Liquid Or The Pink Matter That You Can See Which Do Comes Out Of The Meat During The Process Of Thawing Is Called Drip.

Q4. The Main Limitation Of The Glass Containers In Packaging Is?

A} Breakability

B} Visibility

C} Light Weight

D} Tolerance To Heat

ANSWER – A} Breakability

As Glass Is An Brittle Material, Breakability Is The Major Problem Which Is Seen In The Glass Containers.

Q5. Saturated Fat Present In Ghee Is?

A} 99%

B} 81%

C} 61%

D} 41%

ANSWER – C} 61%

Ghee Comes Under The Category Of The Clarified Butter. Total Fat Present In The Ghee Is 99% In Which 61% Is Saturated Fat And Others.


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