FOOD TECHNOLOGY (30/07/2021)

Q1. In Which Food Glass Transition Occurs?

A. Chewing Gum
B. Milk
C. Wheat
D. Juice

ANSWER: A. Chewing Gum

  • Explanation:  The Temperature At Which The Transition In The Amorphous Regions Between The Glassy And Rubbery State Occurs Is Called The Glass-Transition Temperature Tg. An Example Is The Glass Transition Of Chewing Gum. At Body Temperature, The Gum Is Soft And Chewable. This Is Characteristic Of An Amorphous Solid In A Rubbery State. If You Drink A Cold Drink While Chewing Gum Or Hold An Ice Cube On The Gum, It Becomes Hard And Rigid. Glass Transition Occurs In Chewing Gum.


Q2. _________ Is The Volume Of A Substance Including All Pores Within The Material (Internal Pores).

A. Solid Volume
B. Bulk Volume
C. Apparent Volume
D. All Of The Above

ANSWER- C. Apparent Volume

  • Explanation – The Apparent Volume (Vapp) Of A Substance Includes All Of The Material’s Pores (Internal Pores). The Characteristic Dimensions Can Be Used To Compute The Apparent Volume Of Regular Geometries. Solid Or Liquid Displacement Methods Can Be Used To Assess The Apparent Volume Of Irregularly Shaped Samples.


Q3. _________is The Density Of Material When Packed Or Stacked In Bulk.

A. Material Density
B. Particle Density
C. Apparent Density
D. Bulk Density

ANSWER – D. Bulk Density

  • Explanation– The Density Of Material When Packed Or Piled In Bulk Is Referred To As Bulk Density (Ρbulk) The Bulk Density Of Particulate Solids Is Determined By Pouring The Sample Into A Known-Size Container. Because The Technique Of Filling And The Container Dimensions Can Alter The Measurement, Extra Caution Is Advised.


Q4. Mayonnaise Is An Example Of ___________.

A. Bingham Plastic Fluids
B. Dilatant Fluid
C. Pseudo Plastic Fluid
D. Casson Plastic Fluid.

ANSWER: A. Bingham Plastic Fluids

  • Explanation: In Bingham Plastic Fluids, There Is No Flow Until Critical Shear Stress Is Reached And Then The Shear Rate Is Linear. The Fluid Remains Rigid When The Shear Stress Magnitude Is Smaller Than The Yield Stress (Τ0) But Flows Like A Newtonian Fluid When The Shear Stress Exceeds Τ0. In Food Systems, Mayonnaise, Tomato Paste, And Ketchup Are Examples Of Bingham Plastic Type Of Fluid.


Q5. The Rheology Of Dough Can Be Measured Using?

A. Penetrometer
B. Texturometer
C. Viscometer
D. Brabender System

ANSWER – D. Brabender System

  • Explanation – The Brabender System Is Used To Examine The Texture And Consistency Of Dough. The Brabender Extensograph Is A Device That Tests Dough’s Stretch Resistance And Elasticity. It Can Show How Flour Additives Will Affect The Flexibility And Elasticity Of Your Dough. The Brabender Farinograph Measures Dough Rheology, Water Absorption, And Development Time To Determine The Best Mixing Time For The Dough.


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