FOOD TECHNOLOGY (29/07/2021)

Q1. In Milk, Fat Is Present In The State Of?

A. Emulsion
B. Colloidal
C. Solution
D. Foam

ANSWER: A. Emulsion

  • Explanation: Milk Is An Emulsion Made Up Of Fat Particles (Globules) That Are Scattered In A Liquid Environment. Because The Fat Globules Are Shielded By A Membrane Layer That Keeps The Fat Particles Distinct From The Water Phase, They Do Not Coalesce And Form A Separate Layer (Oil Off Or Churn). In Milk, Fat Is Present In The State Of Emulsion.


Q2. What Is The Energy (Kcal/G) Available From Fat?

A. 9
B. 5
C. 4
D. 2


  • Explanation: Fat Has More Than Twice As Many Calories Per Gram As Carbohydrates And Proteins. A Gram Of Fat Has Around 9 Calories, Whereas A Gram Of Carbohydrate Or Protein Contains Approximately 4 Calories.


Q3. Malt Vinegar Is Produced From?

A. Malted Grain
B. Fruit Juice
C. Ale
D. Ethanol

ANSWER- A. Malted Grain

  • Explanation – Malt Vinegar Is The Vinegar Produced Without Intermediate Distillation By The Process Of Double Fermentation, Alcoholic And Acetous, From Malted Barley, With Or Without The Addition Of Cereal Grain, The Starch Of Which Has Been Converted To Sugars Solely By The Diastase Of The Malted Barley.


Q4. The Process Of Mild Heat Treatment Given Below 100°C To Preserve The Food Is Termed As?

A. Blanching
B. Sterilization
C. Irradiation
D. Pasteurization

ANSWER – D. Pasteurization

  • Explanation– Pasteurization, Often Known As Pasteurization, Is A Procedure In Which Germs Are Killed And Shelf Life Is Extended By Heating Packaged And Unpackaged Goods (Such As Milk And Fruit Juice) To Temperatures Below 100°C (212°F). Pasteurized Foods, On The Other Hand, Typically Have A Shelf Life Of Only A Few Days Or Weeks, Compared To Many Months With The More Severe Sterilizing Heat Treatment.


Q5. The Temperature-Time Combination Used In ‘Low-Temperature Long Time’ Pasteurization Of Milk Is?

A. 72°C For 45 Seconds
B. 72°C For 15 Seconds
C. 63°C For 30 Minutes
D. 63°C For 15 Minutes

ANSWER – C. 63°C For 30 Minutes

  • Explanation – Batch Pasteurization Is Also Known As LTLT Pasteurization (Low-Temperature Long-Time Pasteurization). Heat The Milk To 63°C For 30 Minutes. The Extended Holding Time Causes Changes In The Structure And Flavor Of Milk Proteins.


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