FOOD TECHNOLOGY (28/07/2021)

Q1. The Characteristic Golden Brown Color Of Baked Foods Is Due To?

A. Maillard Reactions
B. Caramelisation Of Sugars And Dextrin
C. Both A And B
D. None Of The Above

ANSWER: C. Both A And B

  • Explanation: Maillard Reaction And Caramelization Of Sugars And Dextrin (Either Present In The Food Or Formed By Hydrolysis Of Starches) To Furfural And Hydroxymethylfurfural, As Well As Carbonization Of Sugars, Lipids, And Proteins, Give Baked Foods Their Distinctive Golden Brown Color. The Characteristic Golden Brown Color Of Baked Foods Is Due To The Maillard Reaction And Caramelization Of Sugars And Dextrin.


Q2. When The Moisture Content Of The Food Falls Below The Critical Moisture Content, The Rate Of Drying Slowly Decreases And The Food Comes Into Equilibrium With The Drying Air – This Is Referred To As?

A. Constant Rate Period
B. Critical Temperature
C. Wet Bulb Temperature
D. Falling Rate Period

ANSWER: D. Falling Rate Period

  • Explanation: When The Drying Rate Begins To Decline And The Surface Water Activity Drops To Less Than One, The Falling Rate Period Begins. The Internal Flow Of Liquid Or Vapor Controls The Rate Of Drying. There Is Not Enough Water On The Surface Right Now To Keep The Water Activity Value At One.


Q3. ______ Is The Temperature At Which Air Becomes Saturated With Moisture (100% RH) And Any Further Cooling From This Point Results In Condensation Of The Water From The Air.

A. Dew Point
B. Critical Temperature
C. Wet Bulb Temperature
D. Dry Bulb Temperature

ANSWER- A. Dew Point

  • Explanation – When Air Is Cooled, The Relative Humidity Rises Until The Air Becomes Saturated At A Certain Temperature, Known As The Dew Point. Excess Water Vapor Will Condense As The Temperature Drops Below The Dew Point. The Absolute Content Of Water Vapor, Or Absolute Humidity, Measured In G/M3, Will Determine The Temperature Of The Dew Point.


Q4. This Method Of Frying Is Most Suited To Foods That Have A Large Surface-Area-To-Volume Ratio?

A. Deep Fat Frying
B. Shallow Or Pan-Frying
C. Stir-Frying
D. None Of The Above

ANSWER – B. Shallow Or Pan-Frying

  • Explanation– Foods With A Large Surface-Area-To-Volume Ratio Are Best Suited To Shallow Or Pan-Frying (For Example Bacon Slices, Eggs, Burgers, Etc.). The Majority Of Heat Is Delivered To The Food By Conduction From The Heated Pan Surface Through A Thin Layer Of Oil. Because Of Irregularities In The Food’s Surface, The Thickness Of The Oil Coating Varies.


Q5. Which Among The Following Is An Example Of Medium Acid Foods?

A. Tempeh
B. Natto
C. Sourdough Bread
D. Vinegar

ANSWER – A. Tempeh

  • Explanation – Tempeh Is A Fermented Soybean Product. The Fermentation Aids In The Breakdown Of Phytic Acid In Soybeans, Making Tempeh’s Starches More Digestible. It Contains A Lot Of Proteins, Vitamins, And Minerals. Tempeh Has A PH Of Around 4-6 Which Makes It A Medium Acid Food.


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