FOOD TECHNOLOGY (26/08/2021)

Q1. Starch Derived From Some Natural Strains Of Barley, Corn, Rice, And Sorghum?

A. Resistant Starch
B. Waxy Starch
C. Modified Starch
D. All Of The Above

ANSWER – B. Waxy Starch

  • Explanation – Some Natural Strains Of Barley, Corn, Rice, And Sorghum Include Waxy Starches. They Lack Amylose, Become Less Thick, And Fail To Form Gels, Such As Waxy Cornstarch, Which Lacks The Same Gel-Forming Capabilities As Regular Cornstarch. It Does Not Contain Any Amylose-Producing Gel, But It Does Contain Amylopectin.


Q2. For Bread-Making, The Amylose Content In Wheat Starch Ranges From?

A. 5% To 15%
B. 30% To 35%
C. 42% To 50%
D. 17% To 29%

ANSWER: D. 17% To 29%

  • Explanation: Amylose Level In Wheat Starch Ranges From 17 Percent To 29 Percent, Which Is Used To Make Bread. Amylose Leaches Out During Gelatinization, Resulting In Amylopectin-Rich Granules. Swelling Behavior Is Limited Due To The Limited Amount Of Water In The Dough. Inside Gelatinized Granule Remnants, Amylose And Amylopectin Are Not Evenly Distributed


Q3. The __________ Is A Rating System For Foods Containing Carbohydrates.

A.  Glycemic Index (GI)
B. Glycemic Load
C. Efficiency Ratio
D. None Of The Above

ANSWER – A.  Glycemic Index (GI)

  • Explanation – The Glycemic Index (GI) Is A Rating System For Carbohydrates-Rich Foods. It Demonstrates How Rapidly Each Food Impacts Your Blood Sugar (Glucose) Level When Eaten Alone. With A GI Of 70 Or Higher, Corn Flakes, Puffed Rice, Bran Flakes, And Quick Oatmeal Are Considered High GI Meals. Low GI Foods Include Rolled Oatmeal, Steel-Cut Oatmeal, And Oat Bran, All Of Which Have A GI Of 55 Or Below.


Q4. Starch Granules Are _____ In Nature.

A. Crystalline
B. Semi Crystalline
C. Amorphous
D. All Of The Above

ANSWER: B. Semi Crystalline

  • Explanation: Semi-Crystalline Starch Granules The “Maltese Cross” Is Still Visible, Indicating That The Molecular Segments Are Ordered And Confined To The Crystallites. Short, Exterior Chain Segments Of Amylopectin With A Degree Of Polymerization (DP) Of 10–20 Glucosyl Units Produce The Crystallites. Because They Contain Both Amorphous And Crystalline Lamellae, The Rings Are Semi-Crystalline In Nature.


Q5. Amylose And Amylopectin Are A Class Of _________.

A. Natural Starch
B. Modified Starch
C. Waxy Starch
D. Resistant Starch

ANSWER – A. Natural Starch

  • Explanation – Amylose, And Amylopectins Are Natural Starches. The Chains Are Tangled And Branching. Because Of The Branches, Amylopectin Is Less Water-Soluble Than Amylose. The More Amylopectin In The Starch Paste, The More Viscous It Becomes, And The More Amylose In The Gel, The Stronger It Becomes.


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