FOOD TECHNOLOGY (24/06/2021)

Q1. Which Of The Following Sugar Is Present In Honey?

A. Levulose
B. Fructose
C. Both A And B
D. None Of The Above

ANSWER: C. Both A And B

  • Explanation: Levulose Also Known As Fructose Is The Main Sugar In Honey. Along With This Sugar They Also Contain Glucose, Maltose, And Sucrose. Levulose Constitutes About 38 – 55% Of The Total Sugars In Honey. Sugar Is Present In Honey Are Levulose & Fructose.


Q2. Venturi Meter Is Used In?

A. Measuring Viscosity Of Ketchup
B. Measuring Pressure Of Gas In The Pipe
C. Measuring Flow Of Liquid Through The Pipe
D. Measuring Level Of Water In A Tank

ANSWER – Measuring Flow Of Liquid Through The Pipe

  • Explanation–  A Venturi Meter Or A  Venturi Flow Meter Is Used To Calculate The Velocity Of Fluids Running Through A Pipeline. The Fluid Running Through The Pipe May Be A Liquid Or A Gas. The Venturi Meter Calculates Velocity By Measuring The Pressure Head At Both Points Before And After The Narrowed Throat.


Q3. Most Of The Centrifugal Pumps Used In Food Industries Use?

A. One Vane Impeller
B. Two Vane Impeller
C. Three Vane Impeller
D. Six Vane Impeller

ANSWER – B. Two Vane Impeller

  • Explanation– Two Van Impellers Are Used As Centrifugal Pumps In Food Industries. Centrifugal Pumps Are Most Efficient For Those Which Have High Flow Rates And The Pressure Requirements Are Moderate Such As Fruit Juices And Must.


Q4. Cryogenic Fluid Used In Evaporative Cooling Is _______?

A. Liquid Nitrogen
B. Solid Carbon Dioxide
C. Liquid Carbon Dioxide
D. Both A And B

ANSWER – Both A And B

  • Explanation: Cryogenic Freezing Is The Fastest Method Of Freezing Where Cryogens Are Used By Immersion/ Spray System. Liquid Nitrogen Or Solid Carbon Dioxide Is The Cryogenics Fluids That Are Used In Evaporative Cooling.


Q5. Hemicelluloses Are?

A. Isomers Of Cellulose
B. Derivatives Of Cellulose
C. Polymer Of Xylose
D. Polymer Of Talose

ANSWER – C. Polymer Of Xylose

  • Explanation – Hemicelluloses Are Synthesized From Sugar Nucleotides. It Is A Heterogeneous Polymer Composed Of Many Sugars, Such As Xylose, Arabinose, Mannose, And Galactose, That Are C5 And C6 Sugars.


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