FOOD TECHNOLOGY (22/05/2021)

Q1. Acetic Acid Content In Vinegar?

A. 1%
B. 4%
C. 40%
D. 89.5%

Answer – 4%

  • Explanation: Vinegar Is An Aqueous Solution Of Acetic Acid And Trace Compounds That May Include Flavorings. Acetic Acid Content In Vinegar Ranges 5–8% By Volume. Usually, Acetic Acid Is Produced By The Fermentation Of Ethanol Or Sugars By Acetic Acid Bacteria. Many Types Of Vinegar Are Available, Depending On Source Materials.


Q2. Piperine Is Found In ____?

A. Ginger
B. Garlic
C. Pepper
D. Cloves

Answer – Pepper

  • Explanation: Piperine Is An Alkaloid Present In Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum), One Of The Most Widely Used Spices, In Long Pepper (Piper Longum), And Other Piper Species Fruits Belonging To The Family Of Piperaceae. Piperine Is Responsible For The Black Pepper Distinct Biting Quality.


Q3. _____ Is Known As Queen Of Spices?

A. Black Pepper
B. Cardamom
C. Turmeric
D. Ginger

Answer – Cardamom

  • Explanation: Cardamom Is Popularly Known As The Queen Of Spices And Also Green Gold. It Is One Of The Ancient Species Of India And Is Also One Of The Most Valued Spices Of The World. It Is Next Only To Black Pepper As The Largest Foreign Exchange Earner Among Various Indian Spices.


Q4. The Plant Hormone Which Is Responsible For Fruit Ripening?

A. Ethylene
B. Gibberellins
C. Abscisic Acid
D. Cytokinin

Answer – Ethylene

  • Explanation: Ethylene Is A Plant Hormone Produced During Fruit Ripening Which Mobilizes The Genes To Synthesize The Enzymes Which Are Responsible For Fruit Ripening.


Q5. Kimchi Is Primarily Made From Fermented _______?

A. Tomato
B. Meat
C. Cabbage
D. Carrot

Answer – Cabbage

  • Explanation: Kimchi, A Staple In Korean Cuisine, Is A Traditional Side Dish Of Salted And Fermented Vegetables, Such As Napa Cabbage And Korean Radish, Made With A Widely Varying Selection Of Seasonings Including Gochugaru, Spring Onions, Garlic, Ginger, And Jeotgal, Etc. It Is Also Used In A Variety Of Soups


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