FOOD TECHNOLOGY (22/02/2021)

Q1. Single-Screw Extruders Need To Have The Following Sections For Pellet Formation?

A} Metering Section

B} Venting Section

C} Both (A) And (B)

D} Cutting Section

ANSWER – C} Both (A) And (B)

  • This Process Was First Reported By Reynolds And By Conine And Hadley And Involves Four Steps: (I) Preparation Of The Wet Mass (Granulation); (Ii) Shaping The Wet Mass Into Cylinders (Extrusion); (Iii) Breaking Up The Extrudate And Rounding Of The Particles Into Spheres (Spheronization); (Iv) And Drying Of The Pellets An Should Have Metering And Venting Section For Pellet Formation.


Q2. In Extrusion Cooking, Restructuring Of The Melt Into Lamellar Or Fibrous Form Is Known As?

A} Texturization

B} Thawing

C} Tempering

D} Gelatinization

ANSWER – A} Texturization

  • Extrusion Texturization Is A Process That Uses Mechanical Shear, Heat, And Pressure Generated In The Food Extruder To Change The Structures Of Food Components, Including Proteins

  Q3. Corn With Soft Endosperm Is Desirable For?

A) Dry Milling

B) Fine Milling

C) Wet Milling

D) Batch Milling

ANSWER – C) Wet Milling

  • Wet-Milling Is A Process In Which Feed Material Is Steeped In Water, With Or Without Sulfur Dioxide, To Soften The Seed Kernel In Order To Help Separate The Kernel’s Various Components.


Q4. Popping Corn Kernel Contains Around?

A) 14% Moisture

B) 7% Moisture

C) 9% Moisture

D) 5% Moisture

  • Ideal Popcorn Kernels Contain About 14 Percent Water. You Can Estimate How Much Water Is In Your Kernels By Weighing Them (Plus Oil And Pot) Before Popping And Afterward. From The Difference In Weight, You Can Calculate The Amount Of Water That Has Been Lost As Steam During The Popping Process.

Q5 Indian Consumers Particularly Look For Snacks That Are?

A) Premium

       B) Fresh

C) Less Costly

D) Non Crispy

ANSWER – B) Fresh

  • More Than 75% Of The Indian Consumers Like Fresh Snacks.


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