FOOD TECHNOLOGY (19/07/2021)

Q1. Acid Used In Non-Fruit Beverages?

A. Citric Acid
B. Phosphoric Acid
C. Formic Acid
D. Nitric Acid

ANSWER – B. Phosphoric Acid

  • Explanation  – Phosphoric Acid Is Used As An Acidulant In Non-Fruit Beverages Such As Carbonated Beverages Because It Can Improve Acidity And Flavor At A Minimal Cost. Molds And Bacteria, Which Would Ordinarily Multiply Fast In The Sugary Solution, Are Also Slowed. Phosphoric Acid Accounts For Nearly All Of The Acidity In Soda Pop. Acid Used In Non-Fruit Beverages Is Phosphoric Acid


Q2. Slime Production In Juice Is Due To?

A. Leuconostoc Mesenteroides
B. Alkaligens Viscolactis
C. Bacillus Subtilis
D. Pseudomonas Salineria

ANSWER: A. Leuconostoc Mesenteroides

  • Explanation: If Acidic Fruit Juices Are Exposed To Air, Mold Can Form On The Surface. Heterofermentative Lactic Acid Bacteria, Such As Leuconostoc Mesenteroides, Are Primarily Responsible For The Lactic Acid Fermentation Of Sugars And Slime Production.


Q3. Which Of The Following Chemical Is Used For The Inhibition Of The Sprouting Of Onion?

A. Malic Hydrazide
B. Malic Acetate
C. Malic Stearate
D. All Of The Above

ANSWER: A. Malic Hydrazide

  • Explanation: Onions Have Been Effectively Stored With Malic Hydrazide (MH) To Prevent Sprouting. When Onions Are Sprayed With 2500 Ppm MH Two Weeks Before Harvest, Sprouting Is Fully Prevented During Storage.


Q4. Papain Is?

A. An Antibiotic
B. An Artificial Sweetener
C. A Proteolytic Enzyme
D. An Anticaking Agent

ANSWER- C. A Proteolytic Enzyme

  • Explanation–  Papain Is A Proteolytic Enzyme Found In The Papaya Plant’s Raw Fruit. Proteolytic Enzymes Break Down Proteins Into Peptides And Amino Acids, Which Are Smaller Protein Fragments. As A Result, Papain Is Commonly Used In Meat Tenderizers.


Q5. KMS Is One Of The Most Frequently Used Preservatives In Fruit Processing. What Is KMS?

A. Kilogram Meter Second
B. Potassium Metabisulfite
C. Potassium Magnesium Sulfite
D. Kilogram Of Magnesium Sulfide

ANSWER – B. Potassium Metabisulfite

  • Explanation– It Is Used As A Food Additive, Also Known As E224. It’s Also Known As E224 And Is Utilised As A Food Additive. As A Preservative, Potassium Metabisulfite Is Used. The Polyphenol Oxidase Enzyme Is Also Inhibited By Potassium.


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