FOOD TECHNOLOGY (13/08/2021)

Q1. __________ Is The Most Abundant Unsaturated Fatty Acid In Milk With One Double Bond.

A. Palmitic Acid
B. Oleic Acid
C. Stearic Acid
D. Myristic Acid

ANSWER: B. Oleic Acid

  • Explanation: With One Double Bond, Oleic Acid Is The Most Prevalent Unsaturated Fatty Acid In Milk. While The Cis Form Of Geometric Isomer Is The Most Abundant In Nature, Rumen Hydrogenation Causes Around 5% Of All Unsaturated Bonds To Be In The Transposition.


Q2. The _______ Measures The Extensibility And Resistance To Extension Of A Properly Developed Gluten In The Dough.

A. Farinograph
B. Extensograph
C. Penetrometer
D. Falling Number

ANSWER – B. Extensograph

  • Explanation– An Extensograph Is An Instrument For Determining The Quality Of Flour And Dough Stretching Behavior. The Path Of Dough Expansion During Proving And Baking Is Determined By Extensional Qualities, Which Have A Direct Impact On Loaf Volume. The Texture Of The Bread Crumb


Q3. More Than 95% Of The Total Milk Lipid Is In The Form Of A Globule Ranging In Size From _________.

A. 0.2 To 0.35 Nm In Diameter
B. 17 To 25 Nm In Diameter
C. 30 To 60 Nm In Diameter
D. 0.1 To 15 Nm In Diameter

ANSWER- D. 0.1 To 15 Nm In Diameter

  • Explanation – Fat Globules In Bovine Milk Have A Diverse Size Range, Ranging From 0.1 To 15 Nm In Diameter. These Liquid Fat Droplets Are Encased In A Thin Membrane That Is 8 To 10 Nanometers Thick And Has Properties That Are Distinct From Both Milk Fat And Plasma. The Native Fat Globule Membrane Is Comprised Of The Apical Plasma Membrane Of The Secretory Cell Which Continually Envelopes The Lipid Droplets As They Pass Into The Lumen.


Q4. _________ Is Necessary For Structure Formation In Butter, Whipping Cream, And Ice Cream.

A. Fat Destabilization
B. Freezing
C. Enzyme Coagulation
D. Homogenization

ANSWER – A. Fat Destabilization

  • Explanation– While Homogenization Is The Most Common Approach For Stabilizing Fat Emulsions In Milk; Fat Instability Is Required For The Creation Of Structure In Butter, Whipping Cream, And Ice Cream. Fat Destabilization Is The Process Of Fat Globules Aggregating And Clumping Together, Resulting In The Formation Of A Continuous Internal Fat Network Or Matrix Structure In The Product.


Q5. The Falling Number Is Inversely Proportional To The _________ In The Flour.

A. Alpha-Amylase Activity
B. Water Content
C. Gluten
D. Sugar

ANSWER – A. Alpha-Amylase Activity

  • Explanation – The Enzyme Activity In Flour Is Measured Using The Falling Number Method. The Amount And Activity Of The Cereal Enzyme Alpha-Amylase, Which Is Present In The Wheat After Harvesting, Is Connected To The Flour’s Falling Number. Alpha-Amylase Levels Are Frequently High In Wheat Kernels With A Lot Of Moisture.


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