FOOD TECHNOLOGY (06/03/2021)

Q1. Natural Antimicrobial Agent Present In Cow Milk?

(A) Lactoferrin
(B) Conglutenin
(C) Lactoperoxidase System
(D) All

ANSWER – (D) All

  • Raw Milk Contains Natural Antimicrobial Peptides And Enzymes Including Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase, Lysozyme And N-Acetyl-Β-D-Glucosaminidase, Which May Enhance The Microbial Safety Of Raw Milk.


Q2. Hydroxycinnamic Acid Derivates Are Found In?

(A) Tea
(B) Molasses
(C) Vegetables
(D) All

ANSWER – (D) All

  • They Are Abundantly Found In Tea Leaves, Coffee, Red Wine, Various Fruits (Especially Red Ones), Vegetables, And Whole Grains. Hydroxycinnamic Acids, Such As P-Coumaric, Caffeic, Ferulic, And Sinapic Acids, Are Known To Play An Important Role In Nature.

Q3. Lactoferrin Is An Iron-Binding?

(A) Lipoprotein
(B) Glycoprotein
(C) Both
(D) None

ANSWER -(B) Glycoprotein

  • Lactoferrin Is An Iron-Binding Protein That Is Secreted By Serous Epithelial Cells And Neutrophils That Competes With Bacteria For Iron, Thereby Inhibiting Bacterial Growth.


Q4. Which Of The Following Contain Glucosinolates?

(A) Cabbage
(B) Broccoli
(C) Turnip
(D) All

ANSWER – (D) All

  • Glucosinolates Occur In Various Edible Plants Such As Cabbage (White Cabbage, Chinese Cabbage, Broccoli), Brussels Sprouts, Watercress, Horseradish, Capers, And Radishes Where The Breakdown Products Often Contribute A Significant Part Of The Distinctive Taste.

Q5. Isothiocyantes Shows _______activity?

(A) Antifungal
(B) Antibacterial
(C) Both
(D) None

ANSWER – (C) Both

  • This Compound Is Well Known For Its Significant Antibacterial And Antifungal Activity (Kockar Et Al., 2001). Isothiocyanates Are Found In The Brassicaceae Family And Known As Glucosinolates.


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