FOOD TECHNOLOGY (05/09/2021)

Q1. Emulsifying Agent Is Used In The Formulation Of RTE Food Pastes?

A. Lecithin
B. Mono & Diglycerides
C. Both Lecithin And Mono/Diglycerides
D. Neither Lecithin Nor Mono/ Diglycerides

ANSWER- C. Both Lecithin And Mono/Diglycerides

  • Explanation – The Molecular Structure Of Lecithin Makes It A Good Emulsifier For Water-Oil Interaction. Emulsifiers, Such As Mono- And Diglycerides, Aid In The Mixing Of Oil And Water. To Improve Texture And Stability, Prevent Oil Separation, And Increase Shelf Life, Small Amounts Are Frequently Added To Packaged And RTE Meals Like Pastes.


Q2. Which Among The Following Is Not A Grain Quality Measuring Method?

A. Near Infra-Red (NIR) System
B. Barometric Sensor
C. Electronic Nose
D. Acoustic Method

ANSWER: B. Barometric Sensor

  • Explanation: A Sensor That Senses Atmospheric Pressure Is Known As A Barometric Pressure Sensor. Pressure Sensors Come In A Variety Of Shapes And Sizes, And They’re Used For A Variety Of Purposes, Including Pressure Measurement In Weather Networks. Machine Vision, Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, Hyperspectral Imaging, Electronic Noses, Ultrasonic Measurement, And Acoustic Emission Measures Are All Common Non-Destructive Assessment Techniques.


Q3. __________ Is The Process Of Increasing The Density Of Vitamins And Minerals In A Crop Through Conventional Plant Breeding.

A. Bio-Fortification
B. Bio-Enrichment
C. Bio-Activation
D. Bio-Supplementation

ANSWER – A. Bio-Fortification

  • Explanation- Biofortification Is The Process Of Increasing The Nutrient Density Of Food Crops Through Traditional Plant Breeding, Enhanced Agronomic Practises, And/Or Modern Biotechnology Without Sacrificing Any Characteristics That Consumers Or Farmers Like. Biofortification Aims To Create Micronutrient-Dense Staple Crops With High Levels Of Provitamin A, Iron, And Zinc That Have A Measurable Influence On Nutritional Status.


Q4. ________ Is Used For The Final Mixing Of Powdered Ingredients And Oilseed Paste During The Production Of RTE Food Pastes.

A. Hensel Mixer
B. Gyro Shifter
C. Blade Mixer
D. Ploughshare Mixer

ANSWER: D. Ploughshare Mixer

  • Explanation: The Mechanically Generated Fluid Bed Method Is Used In The Ploughshare Mixer. To Achieve A Three-Dimensional Movement Of The Mixed Material, Special Mixing Tools Are Positioned Methodically On A Shaft. Separately Powered, High-Speed Spinning Chopper Heads Can Further Aid The Mixing Performance Of The Mixing Parts. These Work In Tandem With The Mixing Instruments To Allow For Agglomeration Dispensing As Well As Tailored Granulation During The Process.


Q5. _________ Refers To The Product Obtained When Butter Oil Skim Milk Powder And Water Are Combined In The Correct Proportions To Yield Fluid Milk.

A. Skimmed Milk
B. Recombined Milk
C. Flavored Milk
D. Sterilized Milk

ANSWER – B.  Recombined Milk

  • Explanation – The Liquid Milk Obtained By Adding Water To SMP And Adding Milk Fat Separately In Such A Proportion That The Necessary Fat Content Is Reached Is Referred To As Recombined Milk. The Homogenized Product Made From Milk Fat, Non-Fat Milk Solids, And Water Is Known As Recombined Milk. Pasteurization Of Recombined Milk Is Required, As Well As A Negative Phosphatase Test.


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