FOOD TECHNOLOGY (05/05/2021)

Q1: What Gives When Starch Is Subjected To Dry Heat?

A. Glycogen
B. Dextrin
C. Cellulose
D. Hemicellulose

Answer – Dextrin

  • Explanation: Dextrins Are Formed, Amongst Other Methods, When Starch Is Subjected To Dry Heat. The Toasting Of Bread Converts A Part Of Starch To Dextrin. The Sweet Taste Of Toast Is Due To This Change. These (Dextrins) Are Products Of The Partial Breakdown Of Starches.


Q2: Most Gums Are?

A. Polysaccharides
B. Monosaccharides
C. Proteins
D. None Of The Above

Answer – Polysaccharides

  • Explanation: Gums Are Hydrophilic Substances That Give A Viscous Solution Or Dispersion When Treated With Hot Or Cold Water. Most Gums Are Polysaccharides And Included In This Definition Are Starches, Pectic Substances, And Some Derivatives Of Starches And Cellulose, Which Have Been Already Considered. Other Natural Polysaccharide Gums Are Seed Gums, Plant Exudates, And Seaweed Gums.


Q3: Expansion Of WHO?

A. World Health Organization
B. World Hormones Organization
C. Weekly Health Organization
D. World Hormone And Organs

Answer – World Health Organization

  • Explanation: World Health Organization’s Primary Role Is To Direct International Health Within The United Nations’ System And To Lead Partners In Global Health Responses. The WHO Constitution, Which Establishes The Agency’s Governing Structure And Principles, States Its Main Objective As “The Attainment By All Peoples Of The Highest Possible Level Of Health”. Its Headquarters Is In Geneva, Switzerland.


Q4: Which Vitamin Is Known As Retinol?

A. Vitamin B1
B. Vitamin B12
C. Vitamin A
D. Vitamin E

Answer – Vitamin A

  • Explanation: Vitamin A Is An Alcohol (C20H29OH). It Has Been Named “Retinol” Because Of Its Specific Function In The Retina Of The Eye. Metabolically Active Forms Of The Vitamin Include The Corresponding Aldehyde (Retinal) And The Acid (Retinoic Acid). Vitamin A Is Found In Animal Materials Like Meat, Milk, Fish, Etc. In Animals, The Vitamin Is Found In Highest Concentration In The Liver.


Q5: Goitre Is Due To Deficiency Of?

A. Iodine
B. Calcium
C. Phosphorus
D. Sodium

Answer – Iodine

  • Explanation: Iodine Is An Important Micronutrient For All Animal Species Including Man. It Is An Integral Part Of The Thyroid Hormones, Thyroxine, And Tri-Iodotyronine, Which Have Important Metabolic Roles. Iodine Deficiency, Among Other Causes, Leads To The Enlargement Of The Thyroid Gland (Goiter).


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