FOOD TECHNOLOGY (04/07/2021)

Q1. Temperature For Glucose Caramelization In °C?

A. 150
B. 120
C. 140
D. 160

Answer: D. 160

  • Caramelization Is The Process That Occurs When Sugar Molecules Break Down Under High Heat, Forming The Sweet, Nutty And Slightly Bitter Flavor Compounds. Sucrose And Glucose Caramelize Around 160°C (320°F) And Fructose Caramelizes At 110°C (230°F). Temperature For Glucose Caramelization Is 160°C.


Q2. Wavelength With The Most Germicidal Effect?

A. 260nm
B. 360nm
C. 160nm
D. 460nm

Answer: A. 260nm

  • The Most Effective Germicidal Wavelength Occurs At A Peak Of 260 To 265 Nm At Which DNA Absorbs UV The Most And LEDs Can Be Designed To Produce These Specific Wavelengths. UV-C Exhibits The Most Effective Germicidal Wavelength Compared To UV-A And UV-B.


Q3. Kanji Can Be Made From Which Of The Following Vegetables?

A. Beans
B. Carrot
C. Cucumber
D. Potato

Answer: B. Carrot

  • Kanji Recipe Is Traditional North Indian, Punjabi Drink Made With Carrots. Being A Probiotic Drink It Is Extremely Good For The Gut And Improves Digestion. Traditionally Kanji Recipe Is Made With Black Carrots And This Drink Has A Dark Purple Color.


Q4. The Spread Factor Is Calculated In?

A. Bread
B. Cheese
C. Chocolate
D. Cookies

Answer: D. Cookies

  • The Spread Factor Of The Cookie Was Calculated By Dividing The Diameter Of The Baked Cookie (D) By The Height Of The Cookie (H). Cream Sugar, Fat, Flavorings, Salt, Eggs, Sift Flour And Other Dry Ingredients Influence The Spread Factor In Cookies.


Q5. Ion Involved In Muscle Contraction?

A. Na
B. K
C. Mg
D. Ca

Answer: D. Ca

  • The Muscle Contraction Cycle Is Triggered By Calcium Ions Binding To The Protein Complex Troponin, Exposing The Active-Binding Sites On The Actin. As Soon As The Actin- Binding Sites Are Uncovered, The High-Energy Myosin Head Bridges The Gap, Forming A Cross-Bridge.


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