FOOD TECHNOLOGY (02/09/2021)

Q1. Which Of The Following Is The By-Product Of Flour Milling?

A. Bran
B. Shorts
C. Red Dog
D. All Of The Above

ANSWER: D. All Of The Above

  • Explanation: The By-Product Of Flour Milling Consists Of Bran, Shorts, And Red Dog. Bran Is A Product Of The Break System. Shorts Come From The Residual System And Are Nothing More Than Tiny Bran Particles. Low-Grade Systems And Flour-Rich Bran Particles Produce A Red Dog. There Are Other By-Products, Like Low-Grade Flour And Germ, In Addition To These.


Q2. Name The Amino Acids That Are Incorporated Into Protein Through Unique Synthetic Mechanisms.

A. Histidine And Isoleucine
B. Leucine And Lysine
C. Selenocysteine And Pyrrolysine
D. Histidine And Lysine

ANSWER- C. Selenocysteine And Pyrrolysine

  • Explanation – Unique Synthetic Techniques Are Used To Integrate Selenocysteine And Pyrrolysine Into Proteins. The SECIS Element In The MRNA Being Translated Causes The UGA Codon To Encode Selenocysteine Instead Of A Stop Codon, Resulting In Selenocysteine Being Integrated. Pyrrolysine Is Employed By Several Methanogenic Archaea In Their Methane-Producing Enzymes.


Q3. The Number Of Different Amino Acids Required To Make A Single Protein Is?

A. 20
B. 30
C. 40
D. 50

ANSWER – A. 20

  • Explanation- Proteins Are Made Up Of A Basic Set Of 20 Amino Acids, However, Only Four Bases Are Present. A Minimum Of Three Bases Is Necessary To Encode At Least 20 Amino Acids, According To Simple Calculations. A Collection Of Three Nucleotides, Or Codons, Encodes An Amino Acid, According To Genetic Tests.


Q4. The Number Of Amino Acids Present In Beta-Casein?

A. 150
B. 169
C. 209
D. 220

ANSWER: C. 209

  • Explanation: Beta-Casein Is One Of The Most Important Proteins In Cow’s Milk, Accounting For About 30% Of Total Protein. It Comes In Two Major Genetic Variants: A1 And A2. The A2 Beta-Casein Gene Variant Is Considered To Be The Original Beta-Casein Gene Variant. -Casein Has 209 Amino Acid Residues, 16.7% Of Which Are Proline, Which Is Equally Distributed Throughout The Polypeptide And Prevents The Formation Of A -Helix.


Q5. Which Type Of Casein Predominates On The Surface Of Casein Micelles?

A.  Α Casein
B.  Ꝃ Casein
C. ß Casein
D. Ẏ Casein

ANSWER – B. Ꝃ Casein

  • Explanation – Submicelles With High K Casein Content Is Located Mostly On The Casein Micelle’s Outer Surface, While Those With Low K Casein Content Are Internalized. They Proposed That Casein Monomers Interact To Generate Submicelles With Varying Compositions Based On The Amount Of Casein In Them.


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