FOOD SCIENCE (30/01/2021)

Q1. Principal Protein In Milk Is?

A. Albumin
B. Lactalbumin
C. Casein
D. Lactoglobulin

ANSWER – C. Casein

Casein And Whey Protein Are The Major Proteins Of Milk. Casein Constitutes Approximately 80% Of The Total Protein In Bovine Milk, And Whey Protein Accounts For About 20% .


Q2. Percentage Of Mineral Matter In Milk Is About?

A. 1 %
B. 0.7 %
C. 1.5 %
D. 0.05 %

ANSWER -B. 0.7 %

In General, The Gross Composition Of Cow’s Milk Is 87.7% Water, 4.9% Lactose (Carbohydrate), 3.4% Fat, 3.3% Protein, And 0.7% Minerals (Referred To As Ash). Milk Composition Varies Depending On The Species (Cow, Goat, And Sheep), Breed (Holstein, Jersey), The Animal’s Feed, And The Stage Of Lactation.

Q3. Example Of Soft Cheese Is?

A. Cheddar
B. Swiss
C. Brick
D. Cottage

ANSWER – D. Cottage

Soft Cheese Is Un-Ripened Cheese Made By Coagulating Casein (Milk Proteins) With Acid. Hard Cheeses, On The Other Hand, Are Aged (Ripened), And Made By Coagulating Milk Proteins With Rennet And Culture Acids. Other Examples Of Soft Cheese Are Feta, Brie, Ricotta, Cream Cheese, Camembert, Chevre, Roquefort Etc.


Q4. Under Which Of The Following Weather Conditions Would You Expect To Observe The Greatest Decrease In Milk Yield Per Cow?

A) Cold And Dry
B) Hot And Humid
C) Cool And Humid
D) Warm And Dry

ANSWER – B) Hot And Humid

The Temperature Has A Greater Influence On Cows That Produce Relatively High Amounts Of Milk And Fat Content. Milk Yield Declines Linearly With Respective Increases In Air Temperature

Q5. A Mixture Of Milk And Cream Containing Not Less Than 10.5 Percent Milk Fat, But Less Than 18 Percent Milk Fat, Is The Definition Of?

A) Light Whipping Cream
B) Light Cream
C) Half-And-Half
D) Heavy Cream

ANSWER – C) Half-And-Half

Half-And-Half Is A Blend Of Equal Parts Whole Milk And Light Cream, And It Has A 10 To 18% Fat Content.


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