FOOD SCIENCE (27/12/2020)

Q1. As Per FSSR Specifications The Minimum Fruit Content In Jelly Should Be?

A} <25

B} <30

C} >45
D} <50

ANSWER – C} >45

As Per FSSR (Food Safety Standard Regulations) Specifications, The Fruit Content Should Be Greater Than Or Equal To 45 And The TSS Should Be 65°B. The Jam Also Has The Same Specifications, But In Jam The Fruit Juice Is Used, But In Jelly Clarified Fruit Pulp Is Used.

Q2. Which Of The Following Is The Example Of Stimulating Beverage?

A} Black Tea
B} Hot Milk
C} Sports Drinks
D} Yogurt Drink

ANSWER – A} Black Tea

Black Tea Is A Stimulating Beverage Because It Contains More Caffeine Than Coffee And It’s About 4.3% And Caffeine Is An Alkaloid, It Is A Central Nervous System(CNS) Stimulant Of The Methylxanthine Class.

Q3. Equipment Used To Determine The Amylolytic Activity Of Wheat Flour?

A} Farinograph
B} Extensograph
C} Micrograph

D} Falling Number Apparatus

ANSWER – D} Falling Number Apparatus

The Amylolytic Activity Of Wheat Flour Is Determined By Measuring The Falling Number, By The Falling Number Apparatus. The Falling Number Value Has An Inverse Relationship With Alpha-Amylase Activity.

Q4. Which Of The Following Is Known As Ornamental Type Corn?

A} Dent Corn
B} Flint Corn
C} Pod Corn
D} Sweet Corn

ANSWER – B} Flint Corn

Flint (Indian Corn) Corn Also Known As Ornamental Type Corn Because Which Have A Large Proportion Of Corn Kernels And More Vibrant Yellowish Color, So It Is Generally Used Ornamental Purpose As Part Of Thanksgiving Decorations Or In Some Functions.

Q5. Commercial Source Of Inulin?

A} Chicory Root
B} Dahlia Root
C} Sucrose Solutions
D} Artichoke Jerusalem

ANSWER A} Chicory Root

Chicory Root Is A Good Source Of Inulin That Is About 68% Of Dry Weight Is Inulin. And Inulin Is A Polysaccharide Similar To Starch, Inulin Has Medicinal Value As Used For Weight Loss, Reduce Constipation, Diarrhea, And Diabetes Treatment And It Is Used As A Sugar Replacer, Fat Replacer, Texture Modifier, And Prebiotics.

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