FOOD SCIENCE (24/12/2020)

Q1. Caffeine Is An?

A} Alkaloids
B} Carbohydrates
C} Amino Acids
D} None Of The Above

ANSWER – A} Alkaloids

Caffeine Is An Alkaloid Present In Coffee, Tea, And Chocolate. It Acts As A Stimulant And Is A Purine Alkaloid And A Trimethylxanthine.

Q2. What Is Scientific Name Of Cashew Nut?

A} Cocoa Nucifera
D} Anacardium Occidentale
C} Allium Cepa
D} None Of The Above

ANSWER – B} Anacardium Occidentale

Anacardium Occidentale Is The Scientific Name Of Cashew Nut Is A Tropical Evergreen Plant, Nut Is Present Outside The Plant And The Origin Is Northeast Brazil.

Q3. Which Of The Following Sugar Confectionery Product Has Grained Sugar?

A} Fondant
B} Toffee

C} Caramel
D} Chocolate

ANSWER – A} Fondant

Fondant Is Prepared From Sucrose Corn Syrup And Which Is Then Concentrated To About 90% Moisture And Which Has A Grainy Texture.

Q4. Which Of The Following Enzyme Used As Anti-Staling Agent In Bread?

A. Alpha Amylase
B. Proteases
C. Lipase
D. None Of The Above

ANSWER – A} Alpha Amylase

The Alpha-Amylases Which Is Randomly Hydrolyzed Alpha-1,4 Glucosidic Linkages In Polysaccharides, Resulting In Short Chains Further Fermented By The Yeast, Which Is Produced By Yeast And Sometimes Added Externally. Which Will Reduce The Staining Of Bread.

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Q5. Which Form Of Benzoate Is Antimicrobial?

A} Dissociated
B} Undissociated
C} Both Dissociated And Undissociated
D} None Of The Above

ANSWER – B} Undissociated Form

Undissociated Forms Of Sodium Benzoate Have Antimicrobial Activity, The Undissociated Form Which Inhibits The Reproduction By Bind With An Enzyme That Helps In Reproduction. If It Is Dissociated Then Its Ability To Bind With Enzyme Will Lose.


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