FOOD SCIENCE (16/12/2020)

Q1. Alternate Term For Freeze Drying?

A} Lyophilization
B} Sublimation
C} Cryodesiccation
D} Both A And C

ANSWER – D} Both A And C

Freeze-Drying, Also Known As Lyophilization Or Cryodesiccation, Is A Low Temperature
Dehydration Process That Involves Freezing The Product, Lowering Pressure, Then
Removing The Ice By Sublimation.

Q2. Many Of The Oils And Fats Undergo A Change In Flavor Before The Onset Of Rancidity
Which Is Known As?

A} Reversion
B} Putrefaction
C} Gelation
D} Saponification

ANSWER – A} Reversion

Reversion Refers To The Spontaneous Change In An Edible Fat That Is Characterized By The
Appearance In The Refined Material Of An Objectionable Flavour Prior To The Onset Of
Typical Rancidity.

Q3. Catalyst Used In Hydrogenation Of Oil Is?

A} AgCl
B} Ni
C} Fe
D} NaCl


Nickel Is The Preferred Catalyst For Hydrogenation Of Fats And Oils, The Use Of Other Metals
Such As Palladium, Platinum, Ruthenium, And Rhodium Lead To Products With Less Trans

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Q4. Which Is The Following Gas Is A Gaseous Hormone?

A} Carbon Dioxide
B} Ethane
C} Ethylene
D} Methane

ANSWER – C} Ethylene

Ethylene Is A Plant Hormone That Regulates Many Aspects Of Plant Growth And Development
Ranging From Seed Germination To Organ Senescence That Is It Influences Diverse Processes
In Plant Growth, Development, And Stress Responses Throughout The Plant Life Cycle.
Responses To Ethylene, Such As Fruit Ripening, Are Significant To Agriculture.

Q5. The Phenomenon By Which A Substance Is Cooled Rapidly To A Low Temperature Such
That The Water It Contains Forms A Glassy Solid Without Undergoing Crystallization?

A} Uperization
B} Vitrification
C} Winterization
D} Vacreation

ANSWER – B} Vitrification

Vitrification Is The Phenomenon Whereby A Substance Is Cooled Rapidly To A Low Temperature
Such That The Water It Contains Forms A Glass-Like Solid Without Undergoing Crystallization. The Temperature At Which The Transition Occurs Is Glass Transition Temperature. Glass Formation Can
Result In Stabilization Of The Non-Equilibrium System Including Most Of The Foods. Vitrification
Temp. Can Be Used As An Indicator Of Food Safety And Storage Stability.

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