FOOD SCIENCE (13/01/2021)

Q1. Mysost Is The Product Prepared From …… ?

A} Wheat
B} Meat
C} Must
D} Whey
ANSWER – D} Whey

  • Mysost Is The Cheese Prepared From Whey (Whey Cheese), Which Is Common In Norway.


Q2. The Theory Applied For Centrifugal Seperation Of Cream From Milk?

A} Henry’s Law
B} Newton’s Law Of Viscosity
C} Stoke’s Law
D} None Of The Above
ANSWER – C} Stoke’s Law

  • Stokes Law States That The Force Of Viscosity On A Small Sphere Moving Through A Viscous Fluid Is Given By:
    F Is The Frictional Force Acting On The Interface Between The Fluid And The Particle.
    Μ Is The Dynamic Viscosity
    R Is The Radius Of The Spherical Object
    V Is The Flow Velocity Relative To The Object

Q3. Black Rot In Egg Caused By?

A} Serratia
B} Proteus Spp
C} Pseudomonas Spp
D} Sporotrichum
ANSWER – B} Proteus Spp

  • Proteus Melanovogenes Is A Gram-Negative Bacteria That Causes Black Did Coloration In Egg Yolk & Dark Color In Egg White.

Q4. Vitamin Act As Precursor Of Steroids?

A} Vitamin E
B} Vitamin K
C} Vitamin D
D} Vitamins B12
ANSWER – C} Vitamin D

  • Ergosterol, Which Occurs In Plants, Is A Vitamin D Precursor(Vitamin D2(Ergocalcifero)). The Active Form Of Vitamin D (1,25(OH)2D) Is A Steroid Hormone.

Q5. Kilning Is The Process Involved In?

A} Canning
B} Malting
C} Autoclaving
D} None Of The Above
ANSWER – B} Malting

  • Kilning Is The Heating Of Germinated Barley To Dry It And Develop Malty Biscuits Like Flavour.


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