FOOD SCIENCE (11/12/2020)

Q1. Cutting Of Food Material Into Cubes Is Known As?

A} Slicing

B} Milling

C} Dicing

D} Crystallization

ANSWER – C} Dicing

  • Dicing Is A Cutting Technique In Which Food Materials Are Cut Into Small Cubes Or Squares Or Blocks Or Dice.
  • Dicing Gives The Desired Texture To Thousands Of Dishes And Also Sometimes Decreases The Cooking Time.

Q2. The Tin Can Was Patented By The?

A} Nicholas Appert

B} Peter Durand

C} Louis Pasteur

D} Alexander Fleming

ANSWER – B} Peter Durand

  • The Person Behind Creating The Canning Person Was A Frenchman Philippe De Girard.
  • But The Idea Gets Passed To The British Merchant Peter Durand Who Was Used As An Agent To Patent Girard’s Idea In 1810.

Q3. Generally For The Destruction Of Clostridium Botulinum, __________ Process Is Done?

A} 2D

B} 6D

C} 8D

D} 12D


Commercially a 12D process is used when C. botulinum is likely to be present

•    Thermal destruction of MO takes logarithmically

•    “12D” process:–    Heat treatment that will provide a 12 log reduction of C. botulinum spores at 121oC.

Q4. Which Of The Following Is Used As An Fat Replacer?

A} Sucrose Polyester

B} Mannitol

C} Tocopherols

D} Menthol

ANSWER – A} Sucrose Polyester

  • Sucrose Polyester Is Also Known As The Olestra.
  • Olestra Is A Sucrose Molecule With Six To Eight Fatty Acids, Is A Lipid-Based Fat Substitute Having A Backbone Of Carbohydrates.
  • Olestra Is Approved By The FDA,  Sucrose Polyester Would Be Part Of All Fat-Containing Foods.

Q5. Process In Which 99% Of The Microorganisms Are Removed From The Milk By The Process Of The Centrifuge?

A} Pasteurization

B} Centrifugation

C} Bactofugation

D} Acidophilation

ANSWER – C} Bactofugation

  • Bactofugation Is A Simple Process In Which Microorganisms Are Removed From The Milk By The Use Of Centrifugation.
  • In It, The Removal Of The Microorganisms Can Be Up To 99%.

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