FOOD SCIENCE (10/01/2021)

Q1. 30s Sub Unit Is Composed Of?

A} 23s
B} 16s
C} 5s
D} All
ANSWER – B} 16s

The 30s Subunit Contains 16S RNA Molecule And 21 Different Proteins.


Q2. In Shrimp, The Formation Of Black Pigment After Death And Exposure To Oxygen Is Widely Known As?

A} Melanosis
B} Cheilosis
C} Blackening
D} None Of The Above
ANSWER – A} Melanosis

Shrimp Will Occasionally Have A Shell Discoloration Called Black Spot Or Melanosis. This Is Not Caused By Bacteria And Is Not Spoilage, But Rather An Enzymatic Reaction Caused By Naturally Occurring Amino Acids And Sunlight. The Shrimp Are Still Of Good Quality And Safe To Eat.


Q3. Yellow Revolution Related To?

A} Fruit Production
B} Oilseed Production
C} Vegetable Production
D} Onion Production

ANSWER – B} Oilseed Production

Yellow Revolution Refers To Increased Oilseed Production. The Growth, Development, And Adoption Of New Varieties Of Oilseeds And Complementary Technologies Greatly Increased Oil Production.

Q4. Cereals Contain About?

A} 50-100 Kcal / 100g Of Grains
B} 100-150 Kcal / 100g Of Grains
C} 200-250 Kcal / 100g Of Grains
D} 300-350 Kcal / 100g Of Grains

ANSWER – D} 300-350 Kcal / 100g Of Grains

Cereal Grains Contain 10-14% Moisture, 58-72% Carbohydrate, 8-13% Protein, 2-5% Fat And 2-11% Indigestible Fiber. They Also Provide About 300-350 Kcal/100 G Of Grains.


Q5. Sugar Which Is Capable Of Reducing __ Are Called Reducing Agents?

A} Cu2+
B} Ag+
C} Ferricyanide
D} All Of The Above
ANSWER – D} All Of The Above

Sugars With A Hemiacetal Are In Equilibrium With A Ring-Opened Form Containing An Aldehyde And Will React As A Reducing Agent Toward Certain (Oxidizing) Metal Salts Such As Cu2+(Benedict’s Test, Fehling’s Solution), Ferricyanide, And Ag+ (Tollen’s Test).


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