FOOD SCIENCE (09/02/2021)

Q1. The Most Spoilage Bacteria Grows At ______?

(A) Acidic PH

(B) Neutral PH

(C) Alkaline PH

(D) All Of The Above

ANSWER – (B) Neutral PH

Most Of The Spoilage Bacteria Live In Neutral PH Because, Microbes Live In Optimal PH But In This Case, Many Bacteria Live Around 5-8 PH And Mostly Work At Neutral PH, Also At High Acidity And High Alkalinity Bacterial Cell Membrane Can Be Destroyed.


Q2. Bacterial Cell Grown On Hydrocarbon Wastes From The Petroleum Industry Are A Source Of _______?

(A) Carbohydrates

(B) Proteins

(C) Vitamins

(D) Fats

ANSWER – (B) Proteins

The Microorganisms Can Be Cultivated On Industrial Wastes Or By-Products As Nutrients And Yield A Large Cell Crop That Is Rich In Protein. Bacterial Cells Grown On Hydrocarbon Wastes From The Petroleum Industry Are A Source Of Protein In France, Japan, Taiwan, And India.

Q3. How Many Tons Of Protein Can Be Produced By Algae Grown In Pond In A Year?

(A) 1000

(B) 1

(C) 50

(D) 20

ANSWER – (D) 20

Algae Grown In Ponds Can Produce 20 Tons (Dry Weight) Of Protein Per Acre Per Year.


Q4. Which Of The Following Microorganism Have High Vitamin Content?

(A) Bacteria

(B) Yeast

(C) Algae

(D) Protozoa

ANSWER – (B) Yeast

Some Microorganisms, Particularly Yeasts, Have A High Vitamin Content. The Growth Medium For Yeast Cells Consists Of Hydrocarbons Supplemented With Mineral Salts.

Q5. Which Of The Following Products Have Higher Acidity And Lacks Aroma?

(A) Cultured Buttermilk

(B) Cultured Sour Cream

(C) Bulgarian Milk

(D) Acidophilus Milk

ANSWER – (C) Bulgarian Milk

For The Production Of Bulgarian Milk By Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Incubation Of Inoculated Milk At 37 Degrees C Is Carried Out And The Product Differs From Commercial Buttermilk In Having Higher Acidity And Lacking Aroma.


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