FOOD SCIENCE (08/12/2020)

Q1. Which Of The Following Is Not An Critical Ingredient For The Chocolate Production?

A} Cocoa Liquor

B} Milk

C} Almond

D} Sugar

ANSWER -C} Almond

Basic Ingredients For The Manufacturing Of Chocolate Are Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, And Sugar But With Advancement In Food Science, Now Chocolates Consist Of Milk Solids, Preservatives, Modifiers, Added Flavors.

Q2. Palm Kernel Oil Is Used To Make?


B} Cocoa Butter Replacer

C} Lecithin

D} All Of The Above

ANSWER – B} Cocoa Butter Replacer

  • Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) Can Be Used For The Replacement Of Cocoa Butter As It Is Considered To Be A High-Quality Food-Grade Oil.
  • Palm Kernel Oil (PKO), Lauric Acid (C12) Makes Up About 48 Percent Of The Oil.
  • Cocoa Butter (CB) Represents Only About 12 Percent.

Q3. Pineapple Is The Good Source Of The?

A} Lypolytic Enzyme

B} Proteolytic Enzyme

C} Pectinolytic Enzyme

D} Amylase

ANSWER – B} Proteolytic Enzyme

  • Pineapple And Papaya Are Considered The Two Best Examples Of Proteolytic Enzymes.
  • Papain Which Is Present In The Papaya Is Considered To Be A Powerful Proteolytic Enzyme And Is Used In Meat Tenderization For A Long Time Due To Its Ability To Break The Protein.

Q4. Smoking Is Done?

A} After Slaughtering

B} Before Curing

C} After Curing

D} Time Doesn’t Matter

ASNWER – C} After Curing

Smoking Is A Preservation Method That Is Done After The Curing As It Seals The Outer Layer Of The Food That Is Been Cured, So In A Way, Smoking Makes It Very Difficult For The Microbes To Enter The Food.

Q5. White Pepper Is Conventionally Prepared From The?

A} Ripe Berries

B} Unripe Berries

C} Fermented Berries

D} Discolored Berries

ANSWER – A} Ripe Berries

  • White Pepper Is Obtained By Soaking The Fully Ripe Berries In Water For About 6-8 Days.
  • The Flesh Of The Fruit Softens And Decomposes, Which Is Further Rubbed For Getting The Seed.
  • Thereafter, They Are Dried In The Sun To A White-Beige Color. White Pepper Has A Higher Content Of Piperine Compound As Compared To Black Pepper So Has A Hotter Taste.


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