FOOD SCIENCE (08/02/2021)

Q1. Saponins In Soya Beans Can Be Removed By _______?

A} Boiling
B} Drying
C} Precipitation
D} Soaking

ANSWER – C} Precipitation

Soy Isoflavone Is Extracted With Acetone And Water. Then Undissolved Solids Are Removed From The Extracts. The Extract Is Cooled Such That Soy Saponins Precipitate. Then The Precipitate Is Removed From The Extract.


Q2. Wheat Germ Is A Rich Source Of ______?

A} Protein
C} Carbohydrates
D} Vitamin A

ANSWER – A} Protein

The Germ Contains High Protein (26%–35%), Sugar (17%), And Lipid (10%–15%) Content, As Well As Dietary Fibers (1.5%–4.5%), Minerals (4%), And Other Bioactive Compounds.

Q3. Main Reason For Bleaching Of Edible Oils Is ____?

A} Remove Flavor
B} Remove Colour
C} Improve Colour
D} Improve Flavor

ANSWER – B} Remove Color

The Purpose Of Bleaching Is To Remove The Color Pigments Contained Inside Edible Oils. The Neutralized Oil Is Heated At Additional Temperature Through Thermic Boilers To Ultimately Raise The Temperature Of Oil Up To 120 C To 130 C. The Oil Is Then Treated With Bleaching Clays That Adsorb The Color Pigments.


Q4. ______ Roll In Wheat Milling Have Corrugations?

A} Break

B} Corrugated
C} Grinding
D} Rubber

ANSWER – A} Break
There Will Be Two Break Rolls In A Wheat Milling Machine And It Will Have A Corrugated Surface For Better Breaking Of The Whole Wheat Kernels.

Q5. During Conditioning, Endosperm Becomes ______?

A} Soft
B} Rubber Like
C} Hard
D} Gelatinized

ANSWER – A} Soft

Conditioning (Also Referred To As Tempering) Is The Process Of Adding Small Amount Of Water To Grains (To Increase The Water Content To An Average 15.5-16.5 %) To Toughen The Bran And Mellow The Endosperm And Thus Improve The Efficiency Of Flour Extraction.


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