FOOD SCIENCE (07/02/2021)

Q1. A Substance Intentionally Added That Affects The Nature And Quality Of Food Is Called _____?

A) Food Poison
B) Food Adulterant
C) Food Contaminant
D) Food Material

ANSWER – B) Food Adulterant

Adulteration Of Food Commonly Defined As “The Addition Or Subtraction Of Any Substance To Or From Food, So That The Natural Composition And Quality Of Food Substance Is Affected”. Adulteration Is Either Intentional By Either Removing Substances To Food Or Altering The Existing Natural Properties Of Food Knowingly.


Q2. Which Stage Does Adulteration Take Place In?

A) Producer
B) Distributor
C) Retailer
D) All Of The Mentioned

ANSWER – D) All Of The Mentioned

Adulteration Takes Place At The Stages. Unintentional Adulteration Is Usually Attributed To Ignorance’s, Carelessness Or Lack Of Facilities For Maintaining Food Quality. Incidental Contamination During The Period Of Growth, Harvesting, Storage, Processing, Transport And Distribution Of Foods Are Also Considered.

Q3. Which Of The Following Is An Adulterant?

A) Urea
B) Pesticides
C) Iron Filings In Tea
D) All Of The Mentioned

ANSWER – D) All Of The Mentioned

Urea Is Used As A Adulteration In Milk. Pesticides Are Found In Most Of The Plant Products And Iron Fillings Are Used In Tea As Adulteration.


Q4. Methods For Detection Of Common Adulterants Are _____?

A) Visual Tests
B) Chemical Tests
C) Physical Tests
D) All Of The Mentioned

ANSWER – D) All Of The Mentioned

Methods For The Detection Of Common Adulterants Are Visual Tests, Chemical Tests, And Physical Tests. Chemical Tests Involve The Addition Of Chemicals To The Food Sample Wherein The Adulterated Compounds React With The Chemicals To Produce A Result.

Q5. Which Of The Following Is NOT A Process Wherein The Food Becomes Toxin Before Ingestion?

A) Botulism
B) Staphylococcus
C) Bacterial Intoxication
D) Bacterial Infection

ANSWER – D) Bacterial Infection

Bacterial Infection Takes Place When A Bacteria Consumed By The Human Body Grows In It And Becomes A Toxin Inside. All The Other Three Refer To Bacteria Becoming Toxin Before Ingestion.


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