FOOD SCIENCE (04/01/2021)

Q1. Cobalt 60 Is Source Of Which Radiation Used In Food Preservation?

A} Alpha
B} Beta
C} Gamma Ray
D} X-Ray
ANSWER – C} Gamma Ray

  • Gamma (Gamma Radiation From Cobalt 60 Isotope Is Used In The Irradiation Technique Of Food Preservation.)

Q2. Astringency In Fruits Is Due To Presence Of ………..?

A} Peptides
B} Pectins
C} Xanthophyll
D} Tannins
ANSWER – D} Tannins

  • Tannins (Astringency I.E Feeling Of Drying Of Mouth Is Due To The Interaction Between Tannins And Salivary Protein.)

Q3. From Packaging Point Of View The Most Important Property Of Tea/Coffee Is?

A} Particle Size
B} Density
C} Bulk Density

D} Moisture
ANSWER – D} Moisture

  • Moisture (Tea/Coffee Are Packed In Their Dried Form And Can Easily Absorb Moisture From Surrounding And Get Spoiled.)

Q4. According To Rittingsr’s Law Energy Required For Size Reduction Is Proportional To?

A} Change Is The Diameter
B} Change In Surface Area
C} Change In Volume
D} None Of The Above
ANSWER – B} Change In The Surface Area

  • The Energy Required For The Size Reduction Is Proportional To The Changing Surface Area Of The Piece Of Food, That Is E = KRfc(1/L2– 1/L1).

Q5. In Immature Fruits, Pectin Is Present As?

A} Myopectin
B} Protopectin
C} Propectin
D} Pectin
ANSWER – B} Protopectin

  • The Precursor Of Pectin Is Protopectin, Which Is Then Converted To Pectin By Protopectinase Enzyme, And Thus Become More Water-Soluble.


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