FOOD SCIENCE (03/02/2021)

Q1. Pasteurization Temperature Of Milk Is Dependant On?

A} Time
B} Quantity Of Milk
C} Distance Of Fluid Flow
D} Milk Composition

ANSWER – A} Time

  • For All The Microbial Destruction The Time-Temperature Combination Is Taken Into Consideration,
    Here In Pasteurization When More Temperature Is Applied Lower Time Of Exposure Is Required To
    Get The Same Effect (Time And Temperature Inverses Relationship).


Q2. Which Of The Following Twin Screw Extruder Is Not Used In Food Industries ?

A} Counterrotating Intermeshing

B} Counterrotating Non Intermeshing

C} Corotating Intermeshing

D} Corotating Non Intermeshing

ANSWER – D} Corotating Non Intermeshing.

  • Non-Intermeshing Screw Type : In It , Screws Do Not Engage Each Others Thread, Allowing One Screw To Turn Without Interfering Other. Like Single Screw Extruder These Type Of Extruder Depend On Friction For Extrusion. They Are Not Designed For Pumping Or Mixing Purposes.

Q3. The Main Limitation Of The Glass Containers In Packaging Is?

A} Breakability

B} Visibility

C} Light Weight

D} Tolerance To Heat

ANSWER – A} Breakability

  • As Glass Is An Brittle Material, Breakability Is The Major Problem Which Is Seen In The Glass Containers.


Q4. These Legumes Are Also Called Garbanzo Beans?

A} Lentils
B} Chickpeas
C} Kidney Beans
D} Soy Beans

ANSWER – B} Chickpeas

  • Originally Cultivated In The Mediterranean And The Middle East, Chickpeas, Also Known As Garbanzo Beans, Have Spread Their Culinary Influence To Areas All Over The World. They Are Featured Prominently In Greek, Indian, Italian, Middle Eastern, Portuguese And Spanish Cuisine.

Q5. Protein Sourced From Pulses Costs ______ As Much As Protein From Milk?

A} One Fifth
B} One Third
C} Half

D} Twice

ANSWER – A} One Fifth

  • Protein Sourced From Grain Legumes Costs One-Fifth As Much As Protein From Milk. Grain Legumes (Beans, Pulses, And Oilseeds) Are Protein-Rich And Affordable Foods. In Addition, The Amino Acid Balance Of Grain Legume Protein Complements That Of Cereals When Eaten Together, Greatly Improving The Protein Quality Of The Combined Food.


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