Daily Quiz (8/11/2020)

Q1. Which Of The Following Is Radioactive?

A} Banana

B} Apple

C} Brazil Nut

D} Both A & C

Answer – D} Both A & C . Bananas Are The One Of The Most Radioactive Foods Due To The Presence Of Isotope Of Potassium . Basically Potassium Consists Of The 3 Isotopes I.E. K-39 (93.3%) , K- 41 ( 6.7%) Along With This Radioactive K-40 (0.01%) . Radioactive Nature Of The Brazil Nuts Is Mainly Due To The Deep Roots Of Its Trees , Which Reaches To The Deep Soil Which Is High In Natural Radium .

Q2. In Oil In Water Emulsion Oil Is ?

A} Dispersed Phase

B} Continuous Phase

C} Solute

D} Solvent

Answer – A} Dispersed Phase . Emulsions Are Of Two Types Oil In Water Emulsion And Water In Oil Emulsion . In Oil In Water Emulsion ,Oil Is The Dispersed Phase & Water Is Continuous Phase . In Water In Oil Emulsion , Water Is The Dispersed Phase And Oil Is The Continuous Phase .

Q3. Example Of The Un-Ripened Cheese Is ?

A} Cheddar Cheese

B} Cottage Cheese

C} Semi Soft Cheese

D} Hard Cheese

Answer – B} Cottage Cheese . Unripened Cheese Are Produced When Milk Proteins Get Coagulated With The Acids . This Category Of The Cheese Includes Soft Cheeses Like Cottage Cheese And Cream Cheese .

Q4 . Alcohol Content In Wine ?

A} 4-7%

B} 10 – 16%

C} 30 – 50%

D} 50%+

Answer – B} 10 – 16% . As Per Studies Average Alcohol Content For The Wine Is 11.5% . The Range In The Alcohol Levels Is The Result How Each Beverage Is Made .

Q5. SOY Protein Concentration ?

A} 40%

B} 55%

C} 70%

D} 80%

Answer – C} 70% . The Soy Protein Concentrate Is Nearly 70% SOY Protein . SOY Protein Concentrate Is Usually Used In The Meat Products Along With The Poultry Products To Increase Water And Fat Retention Along With This Improval Of The Nutritional Values ( Higher The Protein And Lesser The Fat ).

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