DAILY QUIZ ( 11/11/2020)

Q1. Which Of The Following Is/Are Method Of Fish Preservation?

A} Freezing

B} Canning

C} Smoking

D} All Of The Above

ANSWER – D} All Of The Above . Their Are 4 Popular Methods Of The Fish Preservation Namely Freezing , Canning , Smoking And Pickling . Of The All Fresh Foods , Fish Preservation Is Very Essential Because Fish Is Susceptible To The Tissue Decomposition , Microbial Spoilage And For Its Rancidity .

Q2. Which Anti – Mutagenic Phenol Present In Strawberry ?

A} Anthocyanin

B} Xanthophylls

C} Ellagic Acid

D} Lycopene

ANSWER – C} Ellagic Acid . Ellagic Acid Is The Plant Phenol With Great Human Health Benefits . Sources Of Ellagic Acid Are Nuts , Seeds And Fruits ( Berries ) . Strawberries Are The Source Of The Ellagic Acid Which Are Considered To As A Functional Food .

Q3. Alcohol Content In The Toddy ?

A} 2-4%

B} 4-7%

C} 11-16%

D} 20-30%

ANSWER – B} 4-7% . Toddy Is An Alcoholic Drink Having The Alcoholic Content In The Range Of 4-7% . Toddy Is Made By Fermentation Of The Flower Sap From A Coconut Palm . It Has Characteristic Flavour And Sweet Taste . Toddy Is An Perishable Food With The Shelf Life Of The 24 Hours With Can Be Increased By Refrigeration .

Q4. Which Enzymes Indicates The The Proper Blanching ?

A} Catalase

B} Peroxidase

C} Oxidase

D} Both A & B

ANSWER – D} Both A & B – For The Successful Indication Of The Blanching Two Enzymes Are Responsible Namely Catalase And Peroxidase . Both Of These Enzymes Are Thermal Resistant . Both Peroxidase And Catalase Are Responsible For The Loss Of Flavor , Color , Texture And Nutritional Quantities During The Product Storage .

Q5. Number Of Carbon Atoms In Stearic Acid Is ?

A} 8

B} 18

C} 28

D} 12

Answer – 18 . Stearic Acid Is An Long Chain Saturated Fatty Acid With 18 Long Carbon Atoms . Stearic Acid Is A Major Component Of The Cocoa Butter And Shea Butter . Stearic Acid Is Found In Various Animal And Plant Fats .

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