DAILY QUIZ ( 10/11/2020)

Q1. Which Rice Is Known As Forbidden Rice ?

A} White Rice .

B} Brown Rice .

C} Purple Rice.

D} All Of The Above .

Answer – C} Purple Rice . Forbidden Rice Which Are Also Known As The Purple/Black Rice Are Rice In The Antioxidants . Anthocyanin Is The Pigment Which Is Responsible For Their Color Same Pigment Is Present In The Eggplants And Blackberries . The Are Rich In The Antioxidants And Vitamin E Which Is Good For The Immune System And For Our Eyes .

Q2. Aflatoxin M1 Is Present In ?

A} Fish

B} Meat

C} Milk

D} Beef

Answer – C} Milk . Aflatoxin M1 Is Found In Milk And Milk Products Obtained From The Livestock That Have Ingested The Contaminated Feed . Aflatoxin M1 Is The HYDROXYLATED Metabolite Of The Aflatoxin B1 .

Q3. Hurdle Technology Consists Of The ?

A} Mixture Of Different Ingredients To Form The Product .

B} Mixture Of Different Preservation Techniques .

C} Using The Radiation To Increase The Shelf Life Of The Meat .

D} None Of The Above .

ANSWER – B} Hurdle Technology Is Defined As Fusion Of One Or More Hurdles ( Preservation Methods ) In Such A Way That Leads To Maximum Mortality Of Microorganisms Without Changing The Nutritional Qualities Of Food Products .

Q4 . Sodium Alginate Is Used For ?

A} Thickeners.

B} Emulsifiers.

C} Anti Caking Agent .

D} None Of The Above .

ANSWER – Sodium Alginate Is The Main Kind Of The Alginate Which Is Used The Foods Due To Its Function As A Stabilizer , Gelling Agent And Thickener . Sodium Alginate Is Mainly Used In The Foods To Impart The Viscosity .

Q5. Which Type Of Starch Is Found In The Maize ?

A} A Type .

B} B Type .

C} C Type .

D} D Type .

ANSWER – A} A Type. Waxy Maize Consists Of The A Type Starch Which Is 100% AMYLOPECTIN .

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